‘Brooks & Dunn’ perform their number 1 song ‘How Long Gone’

Ronnie Dunn & Kix Brooks

Legendary country duo ‘Brooks & Dunn’ delivers an excellent performance of their hit song ‘How Long Gone.’ The two stars strum their guitars amidst a sea of falling calendar pages filled with dates.

Ronnie Dunn

Clocks are spinning rapidly around the men as they perform. The rooms they perform in start to age with cobwebs and spiders. Moths appear, and curtains become tattered. All because at the beginning of the performance, a woman they love runs out of the house.

‘Brooks & Dunn’ sing the lyrics, ‘How long gone are you gonna be?’ An image of a beautiful woman seems to haunt them throughout the performance. The house they’re in literally begins to look haunted by the end.

Kix Brooks

The song ‘How Long Gone’ was featured on the 1998 album ‘If You See Her.’ The song hit number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. ‘Brooks & Dunn’ are no strangers to success, and they’ve scored over 20 number 1’s and 19 top 10 hits.

Unfortunately for the men, the woman never returns. At the close of the performance, the two stars turn to dust particles. The house itself vanishes, and the calendar runs out of pages.

Ronnie Dunn & Kix Brooks

The song features some great country guitar licks, including a nice solo break. It is an uptempo tune with a nice groove that almost makes you forget the lyrics about lost love.

‘Brooks & Dunn’ turn out hit after hit, and they are revered by country fans. Their strong hooks and fabulous guitar lines make a very catchy combination. Unlike the ending of their video performance, they aren’t fading away anytime soon!

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‘Brooks & Dunn’ perform their number 1 song ‘How Long Gone’