Brother and sister twin skaters blissfully ice dance in an empty rink

Greta and John Crafoord

Greta and John Crafoord are twins from Sweden training in the US as professional ice skaters. They were practicing their routine in the rink and showed their exceptional talent.

They skated to ‘Waves’ by Dean Lewis. It was the perfect song with slow moments mixed with festive periods that allowed them to have varied choreography. The ice was home to them.

Dalilah Sappenfield and Natalia Mishkutenok are their coaches from the International Ice Academy of Colorado. The magnificent choreography for their routine was created by Ilona Melnichenko. The twins are very proud to represent their home country.

Greta and John Crafoord

Out on the ice rink, they moved like they were one person. When John lifted Greta, it was as if she was weightless. They were the wind on skates, moving gracefully and free.

John tossed Greta into the air, and she spun quickly before landing back on the ice. It was a beautifully stunning maneuver. Their perfect synchronization is hypnotizing, and they have practiced this routine several times.

Then they make a more challenging move where John lifts Greta above his head. While holding her, he continued to move across the ice. Greta changes her poses up in the air.

Both of them must maintain their balance and composure. The twins finish the routine without mistake and have a focused expression that says they will continue to practice until they can do it perfectly.

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