Brother Sees Sister With Down Syndrome Being Shunned. I Love What He Did For Her.

Too many of us judge people by things are not their fault. They may guiltily look away from someone who has a birth defect or a deformity. They may not intend to be mean, but they can’t deal with anything that doesn’t fit in their world view of how someone looks. That’s not excusing their behavior at all. Then there are those with Down Syndrome. Their appearance might make people uncomfortable, but they are humans too. One brother got tired of seeing his sister treated like this. This video is the result, and it already has over 87 million views.

The star of the video is Sarah, without a doubt. Her name is very apt, since she is always in a good mood. Her brother, Matt, though he goes by the rap moniker “Matty B”, puts his own spin on the Cyndi Lauper song, “True Colors.” He has lyrics like, “Because you’re different you experience hate/Mistreated not because of actions that you’ve taken or a terrible mistake/But hated on because of your DNA.” Sarah shows that children with Down Syndrome can be just like any other person. They just deserve a chance.

The song’s message about acceptance was spot on. This is a big brother who loves his little sister more than anybody else. It tears him apart to have her be bullied by others for her appearance and sometimes her behavior. Down Syndrome children are typically very happy and it must crush her to have people be mean to her. The look on her face in the video when someone came to play with her was priceless.

Sarah has to feel so good when she watches this video. It was so nice of him to include her in it. He’s got good rhyming skills already and the music has a great beat. It felt very professional and it was world’s better than anything like “Friday.” Remember that video? He’s leaps and bounds better. Here’s hoping that he has a very successful rap career ahead of him. He’s off to a very strong start.

This kid has some impressive rap skills. He’s also one who uses his lyrics to actually try to make social change. That’s a big step up from a lot of rap out there. What do you think? Please leave a comment below.

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