Brother and sister weave two classic ballads together: an incredible duet!

What first comes to mind when someone mentions sibling relations are things like bickering, arguing, constant fighting, backstabbing, pettiness, complaining, grousing, and groaning. And indeed, sibling rivalry is a real phenomenon: it starts with kids competing for their parents’ attention and then the habit carries on into adulthood. Of course, even siblings who have trouble getting along can still have a strong bond. And then there are those siblings who get along really well; in some cases, it’s a shared hobby or talent that brings them together.

Shared talent certainly describes Kenny and Capri Holland of Phoenix, Arizona. For them, it’s a passion for music that helps them get along so well. They enjoy singing duets and some of them end up being posted on big brother Kenny’s YouTube channel. He’s an excellent singer and keyboardist, but it’s Capri who has the angelic voice. There’s one of their duets in particular that’s a real show-stopper. It’s a unique blend, starting with the Elvis classic “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and transitioning into “Over the Rainbow.”

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” is a ballad based on an old French love song. Elvis Presley’s interpretation of it has been popular ever since its release in 1961. Most memorably, it appeared in the movie “Blue Hawaii” and served as the closing number in Elvis’ live Las Vegas shows. The song Kenny and Capri combined it with is also a beloved ballad. “Over the Rainbow” became inseparable from Judy Garland after her unforgettable rendition of it in the 1939 movie “The Wizard of Oz.”

The video of Kenny and Capri’s amazing duet is posted below. After you see it, you’ll understand why it has well over 7 million views. That’s a lot of goosebumps!

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