They Brought Their Baby A Christmas Present, But Wait Till You See What The Baby Did With It

Children are a pure bundle of joy. They make our days a whole lot brighter, but sometimes they can give us a lot of stress too. Take, for example, the child’s behavior during the holiday season. All you parents know what I am talking about, right? Dealing with a baby around during this time of year is frustrating to say the least. The couple featured below have documented their baby’s hilarious antics during the holiday season.

According to them, things get a little more complicated when you have a baby in the house around Christmas time. And they say they learned that the hard way. And who can really blame them! Watch as their adorable baby daughter wreaks havoc all around their humble adobe. The poor parents don’t have the heart to stop her either! Their baby is just having fun.

These poor parents must be exhausted. Their baby is fascinated by the Christmas tree and can’t leave it alone. She loves the ornaments! So they think they will outsmart her by putting a lot of presents all around the tree, but she just uses them to climb up and get closer to the tree.

And that is not all she does. This is one clever and determined baby. You won’t believe the other holiday decorations she gets into in the house.

Watch this adorable video below! Did you ever go through anything similar while raising your children? Let us know in the comments!

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