They Brought Back An Elephant With Her Dear Friend After 22 Years, Did Anyone Expected THIS To Happen?

Shirley and Jenny were both rescued from the circus. When Jenny was just a calf and Shirley was already in her mid-twenties. These majestic beasts of wonder ended up becoming handicapped due to some really awful conditions. PBS aired a documentary about them in 2000 and recorded their amazing get together on camera. After 20 plus years this reunion is bound to make you shed a tear or two.

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee held the reunion and they seemed to have picked right back up where they left off. You can see such an amazing bond that still exists after so much time apart. Watch as Shirley comforts Jenny on her injured ear just as any human caretaker would do.

The caretaker he gives Shirley her last bath. He speaks to her as he’s working and it really will pull at your heartstrings. When Shirley and Jenny met it was impossible to separate them as they even bent the bars between the habitats to be in close contact with each other. Unreal!

Jenny sadly passed away in 2006 and Shirley had an incredibly difficult time dealing with the loss and wouldn’t eat anything for 3 entire days. It’s really tough to put this sort of thing into words, but if you liked the video and would want to give it a try please do. Also share this amazing clip with friends and family and spread this story.

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