He Brought Out His Camera To Film That Dolphin. Now Keep An Eye On Her Underbelly! WHOA!

This video by Sam Cejtin shows us the birth of a beautiful dolphin baby. Katrl is a 28 year old Pacific white-sided dolphin who is a resident of Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. This stunning being gave birth to her calf on April 18th, 2016. It is a truly amazing moment, therefore, I am not surprised that it went viral immediately.

Katrl gave birth to her newborn after three hours of labor in the Abbott Oceanarium with more than 40 members of the animal care and veterinary teams standing by. The nameless baby was born at 25 pounds and was around three feet long. The calf bonded quickly with his mom and took his place to swim next to her.

Katrl handled everything beautifully, considering this was her first pregnancy. There are only 16 pacific white-sided dolphins in accredited North American zoological facilities, making this birth even more momentous. Dolphins are one of just a few sea creatures who give birth to live young.

They are very social animals and usually travel in large numbers called pods, but Katri was in a tank by herself to give birth, which went off with no complications. There was quite a crowd of onlookers who gave her a round of applause when the baby was finally delivered. The most amazing thing about this to me is that the baby knows just what to do as soon as it is born, and even heads above water with mom to take a look around and get some air.

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