She Brought A Cow Inside The House. But How She Defends Herself When Mom Catches Her? ADORABLE!

Imagine you have a little five-year-old and then one day when you come home, you see a living breathing cow inside your house! It seems unreal to even envision, but that’s exactly what happened to this mom. But she did the right thing and decided to give her daughter a chance to explain herself and come clean. But that’s not what she does! The daughter instead comes up with hilarious excuses in order to get out of it!

Her excuses are really funny and adorable. At first she tries to say that the cow came in when she wasn’t looking. But when mom doesn’t look convinced she tries to remind her how good of a daughter she is by telling a story of how the cow pooped and she very sensibly cleaned it up. In the end she just uses her ace and tries to play adorable! You are going to melt when you see this adorable duo’s interaction!

This little girl is quite the story teller and mom isn’t buying any of it. Mom also doesn’t seem too upset by the cow who is relaxing in the middle of the living room, just chewing her cud. The little girl even starts cleaning up things she thinks the cow might accidentally eat, like this cow is going to stay for a while.

But the cutest part is when the little girl gives the cow a pat on the head and then a big hug. She snuggles in next to the cow, and the cow puts her head in the little girl’s lap and looks like she’s going to sleep. I think it’s at this point mom knows she’s not going to punish the little girl.

Watch the cute video below! What are your thoughts about it? Did something like this ever happen to you? Share them in the comments!

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