She Brought A Cow Inside The House, But When Mom Confronts Her, She Has The Most Adorable Reply

I am sure you all have had your fair share of parenting troubles. You come home, find a mess, try to talk some sense into your kid, and then fail miserably, or even worse, your child is able to convince you that they really didn’t do it. Don’t worry because you are not the only one. The poor mom in this video walked into her home to see a living breathing cow inside that her daughter just opened the door and found. So she says. She gave her five-year-old daughter a chance to explain herself and come clean, but what her kid does in response will leave you smiling!

The daughter comes up with excuses in order to get out of it without much trouble and her excuses are really adorable and funny. She tries to remind her mama that she is a good daughter by telling a story of how the cow pooped and she very sensibly cleaned it up. But when doesn’t look convinced, she tries to play the adorable card! This little girl spins quite a tail about why she let the cow in the house. I think one day she is going to be a great storyteller. She is going to steal your heart away with her antics!

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