He Brought A Kitty Home, But He Was NOT Expecting The Dog To React Like THIS!

The most common belief about cats and dogs is that they don’t get along very well. It’s easy to see why; their personalities are very different almost every time, and they have completely different ways to play and hang out. Or do they really? I’ve come to believe that it’s all just stereotyping that people have made up, and in the case you don’t believe me, I’ve got the perfect video to prove it.

In the following clip, you will see how a pet parent “talks” to his dog about getting a new friend to live in the house. The dog responds thanks to some very helpful dubbing, and he shows that he’s actually very excited about getting a feline friend! Out of all the options mentioned, it’s clear that he prefers cats out of all of them.

Even if it isn’t the dog actually talking, it’s clear that he gets very excited about getting a kitten, and as we’ve seen in other cat adoption videos, he’ll be a proud brother to any furry friend, no matter what their kind is.

Watch this adorable dog reaction video right below, it will melt your heart in an instant. If you like this clip, share it with your friends on Facebook!

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