Brown, Tiny Dog Is Elated To Reunite With His Most Loved Toy After Many Years.

We’ve all had toys that we lose over time. We find ourselves in a perpetual state of searching for that lost toy. Remembering times past that put us in the best of moods. Remembering with a bit of nostalgia the times that brought us such joy. We may lose them during a move, during packing up for a new place or a new adventure all together. It’s these times of rediscovery that we find such joy and solace in something that comes from the past.

Finn really gets thrown for a loop when he gets his favorite toy returned to him after a long pause. They decided to retire “Piggy” and put him away for five years. After the five year mark they reunited him with Finn, a brown Daschund that was elated to be reunited with his favorite toy. When he was younger, this used to be Finn’s go to toy. He found himself playing day and night with the polka dotted pig. The squeaks reminded him of a time before when things seemed to be easier. The squeaks reminded him of his youth, reminded him of times where it was easier.

The toy was one of the first that came with more durability that Kyle Jason Lowell insisted upon after his dog has ripped up and destroyed so many other toys. Finn really seems to enjoy himself thoroughly with the tiny pig, remembering fondly the noises that filled his childhood. His puppy hood. The polka dot pig squeaks with the memory of youth. Finn really tries to take care of “Piggy” well, making sure not to destroy his favorite, oldest toy.

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