Crowd wants Springsteen to play another singer’s song. His response leaves them speechless

These days, musicians normally prepare every detail of their performances ahead of time. Particularly when they are renowned entertainers like Bruce Springsteen. But if you’re as popular as “The Boss”, you can pretty much do whatever you want.

So when Springsteen was performing live onstage, he saw a sign in the crowd that said play, “You Can Never Tell” from the hit movie “Pulp Fiction” — he decided why the heck not? It wasn’t one of his songs, but hey, it’s all good!

Well, Bruce is a perfectionist of course like most artists are. He begins the request by trying a couple of different keys and conferring with his ensemble. In front of a gathering of 75,000 die-hard fans, “The Boss” was sweating.

Then a few seconds later, you could see that flash of insight come across his face. Yeah, you could see the gears working and solving that musical puzzle like a safecracker would open a safe. All it takes is intuition and an expert touch.

Bruce and the band let loose and I need hardly say that the show was a smashing success. Frankly, I think we would ALL love to have that ability, that talent. You know, imagine being able to pick up a guitar and playing any old tune that comes to mind. Gosh, wouldn’t that be great?

Watch The Boss in action and then share his video with your friends. Hey, this is Bruce Springsteen after all.