Bryan Dedicates Touching Performance Of ‘Drink A Beer’ To Anyone Who’s Lost A Loved One

Luke Bryan’s 20134 single “Drink A Beer” is an emotional powerhouse of a song. The artist describes it as “the coolest sad song ever”, and we would have to agree. The song touches on something that affects each and every one of us at one point or another: the unexpected loss of a loved one.

Luke wrote this song as a memoriam, in part, to both his siblings and his brother in law, all of whom he lost tragically and suddenly at different points in his life. At the Country Music Academy Fest this last year, Luke led an epic singalong to the song, enlisting the entire stadium of country music fans.

Right in the middle of the performance he paused, looked out into the audience, and said, “I want everybody to hold their beer up and take a big ol’ sip. And I want you think about somebody that you used to drink a beer with. And we’re gonna sing this one more time together.”

He instructed that the stadium lights be shut off, and asked the audience to light the area with their cell phones alone. Reminiscent of concerts in less restrictive days where clubs were lit by glowing lighters, the atmospheric result was utterly stunning.

Watch Luke Bryan’s emotional performance of “Drink A Beer” in the video below!

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