This Grandma’s Clever Trick Will Keep Warm Air Inside Your Home All Winter Long

Bubble Wrap InsulationWe all know how heating your home in winter can cost an arm and a leg. But it doesn’t need to. A grandmother from Alaska is sharing a simple way to keep the warm air inside your house by keeping it from escaping through the windows.

“Alaska Granny” is known on YouTube for her sensible tips on outdoor living. However, this time she shows how to insulate your windows to prevent the loss of warm air and how to keep it inside your house.

Bubble Wrap InsulationHer video demonstrates the simple way to cover your windows with bubble wrap! This allows the light to still enter but prevents heat loss. It’s a simple technique to apply the bubble wrap and it is quick and easy to remove when the weather warms up.

The steps in a nutshell: Cut the bubble wrap to the window size. Wet the bubble wrap on the bubbly side. Wet the glass on the inside of the window. Press the bubble wrap into place with a little pressure, with the wet side touching the wet glass. Peel off at the end of winter and there will be no marks or mess left on the glass.

Does it work? You better believe it does, especially for older homes. One viewer wrote us and said, “I have 34 exterior single pane windows, with storm windows, in a 100 year old brick house. This made a huge difference. The house felt warmer and we saved about $60 month in Kentucky. When the sun is out we open the blinds and the bubble wrap draws the sun in. We order online at Home Depot, 1/2 inch bubbles 48 inch x 100 feet and save a lot that way.”

So be sure to enjoy a cozy, warm home all winter with this cunning money-saver and keep your heating bills in check.

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This Grandma’s Clever Trick Will Keep Warm Air Inside Your Home All Winter Long