Buck The Pup Gets The Hiccups And It Terrifies Him

Puppies are just so adorable. They are curious little creatures, facing grand adventures every day as they explore the world around them and also overcoming large obstacles. When buck had the hiccups, he was confused because he just didn’t know what the hell was happening to his body!

With abrupt convulsions occurring every moment or so, this little pup, sitting in the back seat of a car growled when he hiccupped. If that wasn’t cute enough, he even barked and in the end, turned around to bite himself…

Isn’t that simply adorable? His curious mind must’ve been thinking, ‘HELP! What is happening to my body???!’ As it is Buck is one of the cutest puppies I’ve seen, to top it off, he has to deal with pesky hiccups in the most adorable way ever.

If you’ve been waiting to watch something that will bring a smile to your face, this is it. If you’ve never seen a pup with hiccups, you really SHOULDN’T miss this! Has your pet ever hiccupped? Have you recorded it? Write in to us in the section below and share your stories with us, and also SHARE this with your friends to spread the smiles this week!

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