A Mudslide Brought Their World Upside Down, And They Thought They Had Lost “Buddy” Forever…

It was a regular Saturday, a Saturday like all the others. Julie and Cory Kuntz and their son, Quinton had gone to watch a baseball game. Life was good. Little did they know the disaster that had struck at their front door.

When the Kuntzs returned, they witnessed their house torn from its foundation and carried 150 feet away from its base by what had been a gigantic mudslide, the Oso mudslide in Washington, US. Everything had been destroyed, and their dog, budy, was no where to be found. There was no sign of him and they expected the worst.

After hours, a group of people was able to pull away the rubble and to their surprise, Buddy was underneath it all, safe and sound! Sure he was a bit dusty, but he was fine and the family was reunited again with their loving companion! Please share this incredible story of survival with your friends!

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