Budgie Sits On Sister’s Arm. I Couldn’t Believe What Film Star He Sounded Like!

Birds are amazing at being able to replicate things. I never fail to be impressed at what parrots can do. They can sound almost exactly like the person who said the original line. But sounding like a robot? That’s even more impressive. The bird that stars in this video is a HUGE fan of a long-running movie series. He’s able to duplicate the sounds of one of the droids from the “Star Wars” films. No… not C3PO…

We see a budgie sitting on someone’s arm. He starts beeping just like R2D2 from the “Star Wars” movies. I closed my eyes while listening to this and if I didn’t know that it was this bird, I would think that it was really the diminutive droid from the movies. The mimicry is amazing. I think even George Lucas would have to be impressed here. Then again, this bird isn’t a creation of CGI, so probably not.

The video ends with the camera panning out to show that the budgie is sitting on the arm of a tween girl who seems to be looking at him with an expression like, “What a nerd of a bird.” Maybe she wanted him to repeat something from the latest “Hunger Games” movie or something similar. Then again, the franchise is back in the spotlight with “The Last Jedi” coming out in 2017.

One of my favorite Star Wars jokes is that R2D2 is actually the most foul-mouthed character in movie history. Why is that? Well, everything he says is beeped out. Hey, I didn’t write the joke, so please no throwing stuff at me. It’s amazing that he even has a similar color scheme as R2D2. If they ever made a series of Star Wars movies that starred birds, he would definitely be cast as the droid.

Didn’t you think that this bird sounded like a real droid at first? Have you heard a bird do something similar? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section.

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