Cow Dances for Joy When Finally Freed from Chains

Lots of animals all around the world have to suffer extremely rough living conditions throughout their lives, and amongst all of them, farm animals are some of the most misfortunate ones when it comes to quality of life.

When I come across a rescue story of these poor animals being saved from their chains and starvation I get a little bit more hopeful. The following clip will give you a little glimpse of this.

This is the story of Bandit the bull. He, like most of his bull peers all over America, was confined to a very narrow space inside a stable, permanently chained to a little corner of the world.

But the clip below shows us a much more hopeful moment in Bandit’s life. Bandit is seen performing his now famous “freedom dance” after being finally liberated from his life in chains. He is seen showing his gratitude to Christian, the man who rescued him and brought him to that beautiful sanctuary, Gut Aiderbichl.

The bull runs and rolls around his new beautiful home, for nobody can appreciate the open space and the freedom more than this excited and hysterical bull. It really shows the character that these animals can have in their souls.

Watch this beautiful video of a bull being finally free in a sanctuary right below.

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Cow Dances for Joy When Finally Freed from Chains