This bull was confined his whole life. Check out his reaction to the man in red.

Many animals suffer through harsh living conditions, stable and farm animals are probably the ones worst off.  Every time I come across a rescue story for one of these chained animals I feel hopeful.  The following story is very uplifting and shines a beacon of hope for humanity.

Meet Bandit the bull. He was just one of the millions of animals confined to narrow stables and chains. In the video below, Bandit performs a “dance of freedom” after living a life bound by chains. He shows his gratitude to Christian from the sanctuary Gut Aiderbichl, which is home to more than 500 rescued cows, bulls, and calves.

Reminds me of living on my grandparent’s farm.  By the time I came to live with them they were not raising animals for food, but one way or another they always ended up with a few cows and chickens that my grandparents treated like pets.

As happy as can be, the giant bull — with a heart as big as his body — runs gleefully around his new home and digs his hooves into the fresh hay. He’s finally experiencing joy for the first time.

Watch the incredible moment that Bandit realizes he can live his life as a bull now, without pain or suffering. Seeing Bandit approach Christian and nuzzle his massive head into his savior’s chest nearly brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful, surreal interaction!

Gut Aiderbichl states “Bandit shows his gratitude to Christian from our sanctuary Gut Aiderbichl and performs a dance of freedom. On our sanctuaries live more than 500 rescued cows, bulls and calves. Including the famous cow Yvonne.:

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