A Bull Lays His Head On Her Lap, But Watch When She Touches Him

There are plenty of videos of humans interacting with different animals, obviously dogs and cats easily come to mind!  Have you ever seen cattle making friends with humans? Meet this bull and his very best friend and prepare to be amazed!

You don’t see cattle and humans sharing moments of affection together every day. It’s become less and less common for people to interact with farm animals, and sometimes we forget that they are as sociable and lovely as any other domesticated furry friend. Meet, Paul, the bull, who enjoys some quality time with his very best human friend on the Hof Butenland sanctuary, an animal center located in Germany. If a bull seems like an unlikely friend for a human, that’s because he is.

This beautiful moment gives us a nice reminder of the beauty that farm animals can bring into our lives. They provide for us in ways we should really learn to appreciate more and show them in our treatment of them. When people imagine bulls, they always picture a fierce and dangerous creature that could kill them at any moment, however, when left on their own and in peace, bulls can be gentle like Paul.

Paul can even be seen as he licks his human friend, exactly like a dog would. If a dog weighed 500 pounds, that is! The bull even leans in to the woman and asks for some pats on his head!

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