A Bull Puts His Head On Her Lap. But Watch When She Touches Him. I Wasn’t Expecting This!

We are bombarded every day with videos of humans and animals interacting, especially with dogs and cats. But have you ever seen a cow, specifically a bull, make friends with a human? You will be amazed by this bull and human best friend.

It’s not every day that you see human treating cows like pets by petting them and giving affection, much less doing this with a bull. Humans interact less and less with farm animals nowadays, and sometimes we forget that some of them actually are very sociable and like to be petted or made to feel special, just like dogs and cats. In this video you’ll meet Paul the bull who is quite sociable and enjoys hanging out with his best human friend at the Hof Butenland Sanctuary, which is an animal center located in Germany.

This is actually a great reminder of the pleasure and happiness farm animals can bring to our daily lives. They aren’t all about work, you know. When people think of bulls, they think of fierce creatures that can kill or even bulls in the ring with a matador, but they aren’t like this. Paul is proof that bulls can be kind and cuddly just like other furry friends.

Paul even licks his human friend like a dog would, if that dog weighed over 500 pounds! He even leans in for an affectionate pat on the head from the woman who cares for him.

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