This Bull Is Set Free For The First Time And Does A Dance

This is the story of Bandit, a poor bull who sadly lived most of his life confined to inhumanely small stables. Living life in chains is something that no animal should ever have to do. No ends would justify means such as this one. But Bandit was rescued by an animal rescue group, and as a result, his life finds a new light. He is a very special bull because of the way he was treated during his first years of life, and this gives him a unique perspective on life, and humans, after he is rescued.

In the following clip, Bandit spends his first seconds of freedom dancing in the most joyful way possible, after finally being set free from his bounds. It might just be an internet video, but it’s a recording of the exact moment an animal felt free for the first time in god knows how many years. And it’s so energetic and pure, it’s one of those moments that brings tears to your eyes out of nowhere.

After Bandit realizes he has finally been set free, he celebrates his victory in the best way possible, and he is even kind enough to approach Christian, his rescuer, to nuzzle his head at him and give him a loving hug.

Watch this touching video depicting an animal’s first moment of freedom right here, and be sure to have some napkins ready beforehand.

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