This bull was in tied up his whole life. Check out his reaction to the man that saves him.

Sadly all sorts of animals the world over have to suffer incredibly rough conditions throughout their lives. Probably the worst among them are helpless farm animals when it comes to very poor quality of life. When I come by an incredible rescue story of these abused animals being helped escaping their unspeakable lives I get a little bit more hopeful. The video here is one such story and it is very uplifting.

This is Bandit the Bull. He, like most bulls all over the United States, was kept in a very small space inside a stable, and he was always chained to a little corner of the world. This video thankfully clip shows us a much more peaceful moment in Bandit’s life. Bandit is rescued from his chains and the great part that has everyone sharing this video is that he then launches into what is already being dubbed his “freedom dance!” Christian, the man that saved Bandit and brought him to an animal sanctuary says that the dance is all the thanks that he ever needs. It made them both so very happy.

Watch Bandit as he really takes off and runs around his new beautiful home, nobody can appreciate the open space and the freedom more than this thankful and energetic bull. It really shows the character that these animals can have in their spirits.

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