Bulldog pup rugby wrestles with his new worst enemy. You’ll melt when you see him! AWW!

There are creatures on this Earth too adorable to ignore! The video we featured for you just below shows us Rugby, an adorable Bulldog pup who just wants to know the world around him. You can see him messing around and barking at the scariest thing he has seen today: an ice cube! For some reason, this little piece of ice rubbed him the wrong way, and it’s enchanting! He fiercely barks and attacks it, but he’s too small to be fearsome yet. Wait until you see the best part!

At around halfway through the video, he loses sight of the ice cube after it slips right under his lovely self, and he’s so confused when he can’t find it again, even after searching hard for it. While we never get to know just why this cube and this pup became enemies, there’s just one thing that we do know for sure: this pup doesn’t mess around, and when he gets older, he will definitely become an amazing guard dog. I just wonder if its normal for puppies to dislike ice so much, so if you know any dog like him, let us know!

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