Bulldog puppy loves to do somersaults dressed in her hoodie

Bulldog puppy loves to do somersaults

Dogs are naturally playful and energetic in nature. If you are a dog owner, you will surely agree how hyper they are, especially when they invade your place. They do love running and chasing different things.

Apart from that, they also love rolling. You can usually see them rolling on your bed, sofa, or even on some rags near the door. But I guess their favorite spot for rolling is on grass.

Sophie will surely agree with that. This cute little Bulldog always loves rolling the grassy hills whenever he gets to play outside. Her reaction is always excellent as if it’s her first time playing on the grass.

Bulldog puppy loves to do somersaults

You can clearly tell how happy she is as she comes back and forth and rolls herself down the hill.

I can also tell that deep down in our hearts, we have that desire to experience childhood once again. To play and roll down the hills.

Well, no one can blame you. It was indeed fun. Like Sophie, we can also be happy if we learn to appreciate all the little things in life.

Dogs will always be dogs. Fun and excitement are a massive part of their personality. They might differ in many things, but one thing is sure, they can always make you smile.

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