Bulldog Puppy Shows His Whiney Side. His Adorable Temper Tantrum Comes by Total Surprise!

There are few videos that capture being a child quite as well as adorable temper tantrums. We can relate to the idea and some people have reported being able to remember a few specifically. Tantrums can stem from a variety of sources, including not getting your way, frustration, lack of understanding, and feeling overwhelmed. Tantrums general are full of whining, with no drama or force influencing how we feel. It may be something small and insignificant that just seems like the last straw.

Usually being one of the last things to go wrong before we lose control of being able to handle ourselves and our emotions in a constructive manner. The old saying “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” illustrates the key message in so many cases. However, while most tantrums aren’t thought out, a lot of them and misunderstand. Some are even too adorable to find out the reason.

This is just the reason of one French bulldogs temper tantrum that can be described as precious and too cute. The main question I asked myself during these stories is “What is this darling little pooch so outraged and frustrated by? He has so much to be thankful for, yet he whines almost as if to object against something that happened. Rest assured, he’ll let you know how he feels. He isn’t bashful at all about sharing his feelings on the situation. He will make sure you know it well.

He argues with master, objecting loudly to something unforeseen. An invisible source of annoyance for this young and dear little French bulldog. Yet, when there seems to be a clue to his source of misery, that goes unknown by most. When I put the pieces together, I heard exactly what this pooch meant!

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