Bulldog Wants To Save Her Brother From The Water. What She Did Next Had Me Cracking Up!

Dogs are a loyal species. These incredible animals love their friends and they will do anything to protect them from harm. Take, for example, this adorable bulldog in the video below! This cute pooch wants to save other dogs from drowning whether they need saving or not. Your heart is going to melt when you see this little girl’s adorable antics!

Jager’s brother just wanted to cool off in the pool. He was even wearing a life vest. But when his protective sibling saw him, she grabbed the handle on the back of his life vest and wouldn’t let go. Jager pulled him out of the water to save him anyway. She couldn’t risk him being swept away by a rip tide in the pool, now could she?

Jager’s poor sibling isn’t even in the pool really. He’s just sitting on the steps, but Jager won’t let him get any further into the water. They wrestle around a bit, and still Jager won’t let go of the life vest. The family is watching and finds it pretty amusing, but it seems like Jager is quite serious about this rescue.

Poor Jager must have had a bad experience with water before. Look how adamant she is about not letting him into the pool! She sure is an adorable and effective lifeguard! I wonder how she reacts to her humans being in the pool? I’m sure she would rescue them too.

Watch this cute video below and let us know what you thought about it via your comments!

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