This Bulldog Wants To Sleep, But Watch When His Owner Tries To Wake Him Up

No one likes to wake up early in the morning, and sometimes humans aren’t the only ones who suffer through these early morning rituals. Our pets don’t always appreciate having to get out of bed in the morning either. Why can’t everything happen in the afternoon or evening, right? I am sure many of you agree with me. When we get woken up early in the morning, we have a tendency to be grumpy and irritable, especially when we haven’t had our coffee yet. Well guess what? We humans are not the only ones who go through this grumpy phase.  Just ask Buddha the bulldog.

This adorable bulldog loves to sleep and his owners know it, but they also know how he reacts when they try to wake him. So his parents decided to wake him up and film his reaction for our amusement, and I’m so glad they did. The result is incredibly cute and hilarious! This canine sure has a lot to say in the morning when he doesn’t get his coffee! This is definitely not a morning dog for sure! You are going to melt when you see Buddha and his funny reaction! Obviously his owners knew just what he would do when they decided to try to wake him up.

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