Bulldog Watches Scary Movie With Family – Her Response To A Frightening Scene Is HILARIOUS

When we go out or are home alone, we always feel safe and secure if there is a dog at home as well. They are protective creatures who can sense danger before you do and will do their best to protect you from all harm.

There’s nothing I love more than a dog who appreciate good cinema or loves Family movie nights. Well, when Khaleesi, a four year old bulldog was watching television with her humans, a scary movie came on. Crimson Peak is not the worst so far but as the bulldog watched the movie, she saw danger approaching the little girl in the movie and her protective instincts came to the forefront.

Watch how she barks as if to warn the young girl in the movie about the danger. She even turns around to her owners as if to say, “Why aren’t you doing something?”

I love the way Khaleesi gets involved in the movie plot and gets carried away with the drama. Having a pet around when watching a movie does make for an entertaining evening. What say you?

Do your pets watch anything on Netflix or on TV with you? Do they have interesting or funny reactions to the fictitious drama that goes on? Write in with your hilarious stories and share them with us in the section below. We love having a good laugh as well!

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