Bullied boy sobs uncontrollably when Grandma gets him a puppy

This bullied boy receives the cutest gift ever. His tears are flowing the moment he saw what’s inside the box.

Bullying has been a talk about social issues in our society since it disrupts one’s physical and mental status. It becomes too alarming that every parent and teacher needs to step up and deal with the case.

This is what this young boy is going through at his school. Luckily, he has a very supportive family who cares for him and wants to make him happy.

His nana decides to give him a puppy as a present. The moment this young fella opens the box, he couldn’t stop his tears from flowing—what a perfect sign of happiness.

He dashes towards his nana and wholeheartedly thanks her. He then carried the adorable pup and named him Buddy. He’s so happy to introduce buddies to everyone in the house.

This might be a simple gift to someone, but for this young lad, it’s everything that he needs to cope up with being mentally and physically bullied. This will totally make you cry after watching the clip.

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