Bullied Girl Picked On For Dominant Birthmark. Does The Ugly Duckling Turn Into A Swan?

All of us live by a certain visual measure of beauty. We all tend to judge a book by its cover and when you’re children, things may be a lot harder. This is because as children we are not trained as yet in the arts of being subtle. Being very frank and open, our simple words may hurt others more than we know. This is the case with Cassandra Naud, who had a prominent birthmark that covered one entire side of her face. She suffers from a rare condition known as Nivus and this condition made her an easy target for bullies.

She can only remember being made fun of and being bullied by her classmates in school which made her hate her huge birthmark. When high school came around the corner, she dreaded the thought of going to school to face more bullying. However, a mother’s words carry a lot of weight and her mother sat down with her and told her that she was beautiful. She reassured her that she shouldn’t get a laser surgery done to remove the blemish, a procedure that Cassandra was contemplating to be normal and fit in with the crowd.

She slowly began to accept the significance of her birthmark and over time came to love it. After all, she said that this is what set her apart from the crowd. Now, a successful fashion model and a dancer, she stuns the audience with her gorgeous looks. Nothing has changed. She hasn’t gotten any sort of surgery done and she is proud of it.

In fact, she found out that because she was confident in herself, work started pouring in that normally would have been passed on to another person. Her mother’s words stuck by her and this 20 something LA based model and dancer will stun you with her lithe moves and confidence in her looks. We all can take a lesson from her life story. You can either try to fit in with the crowd or you were just born to stand out. We should all make the most of it.

I personally admired the courage and confidence with the way she took control of her life, shaping it into something beautiful. Instead of shying away, she embraced her difference and stepped into the limelight – by being a fashion model, a profession that is dictated by how you look.  What did you think of the video? Have you been bullied for something? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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