What This Bunny Does When His Owner Tries To Give Him A Bath Will Leave You In Hysterics

After a day full of hustles and bustles all we desire is to unwind and relax by drinking a cup of coffee or taking a hot shower. But what do animals like to do after a tiring day of eating, playing, and cuddling? Do they also love to take a hot shower? Well, Cloody seems to love doing so. Cloody is probably the calmest animal I have ever seen in my entire life. What makes this so unusual though, is that Cloody is a rabbit.

Rabbits aren’t known for being big fans of water, but Cloody has obviously learned to not only tolerate it, but to love it. It appears there is nothing he would rather do than take a bath. Don’t you wish your toddlers were this agreeable at bath time?

The way he relaxes in his customized bath tub is actually amazing. He seems to be so relaxed and chilled while taking this hot shower. He is surely enjoying his spa time. Rabbits don’t generally need bath as they are quite close to cats in terms of cleanliness. They clean their bodies with the help of tongue like cats do. But I suspect this isn’t really about getting Cloody clean. I think this is Cloody’s treat at the end of the day for being such a good pet and he prefers this reward over a carrot.

Watch this video and tell us what you think about it through your comments. Did you love to see this rabbit taking bath? I actually loved the way he relaxed the whole time! We’d love to hear from you!

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