A burlesque-themed dance routine with the perfect prop leaves the audience cheering!

If you’re a dancer, you’ll know that it doesn’t matter what routine you have, it requires that you put in hours of arduous work, but in the end, the level of excellence that the dancer can display in the performance is completely worth it. The wonderful thing about dancing is that even though each one is different, they usually leave you thinking, “I wish I could dance like that.”

The first time I watched a dance performance was at my high school talent show. I really didn’t have a special talent, so I was in the audience like most people. One of my friends was a very good dancer. The thing is, he had never taken any lessons before. He had picked up all his dance moves on the street with his friends. He was part of a dance group that performed in dance contests around the country, as well as in the street.

He won our high school talent search and even was offered a job. It was at a local bar where he and his group would dance every weekend. He asked me what he should do, and I suggested that he take the job. He graduated high school and got a scholarship to attend a very prestigious dance school in Europe. He went there and when he came back, he had learned a lot and even founded his very own dance school here in the States.

This video will probably leave you wondering why you didn’t take up dancing before. In the video below, the young dancers do a prop routine. What this means is a “routine with the primary focus utilizing a prop. The prop can be set aside briefly but must be used during at least 75 % of the routine,” explains Dance DTS.

The young dancers in the video got awarded first place for their routine! They are called The Black Diamonds. They are a high school dance team who have performed at the Australian Drill Dance Championships and won first place in the prop precision routine. This was because of their unique prop and how wonderfully they used it. What is the prop, you might ask? White feathered fans that went perfectly with the theme, burlesque. The outfits were short, blonde wigs and flapper-era dresses.

Their awesome performance with the nine dancers starts with all of them close together. They are creating a square shape with their feathered fans. Think of “Burlesque” by Christina Aguilera (from her same-titled movie “Burlesque”). When Christina’s voice blasts through the speakers, one of the dancers appear in the middle. The rest of the team joins him in the dance!