Buskers play ‘House of the Rising Sun’ with incredible clarinet solo

Doreen Ketchens

It is easy to walk past street musicians and ignore their craft. After all, many just aren’t that skilled. However, when you walk the streets of New Orleans, you might just find the internet’s next star!

Doreen Ketchens

Doreen Ketchens sits on the city streets playing the clarinet with soul, accompanied by drums, trombone, and a huge white sousaphone. The band performs on a local street corner for the people passing by. Yet, their talent could be featured on any stage in the country.

Not only is Doreen rocking the clarinet in new ways, but she also drops a sultry vocal on the verses of the famous jazz standard, ‘House of the Rising Sun.’ Her signature tone and growling clarinet notes cause many to drop money into the buckets set up to receive it.


Jazz in New Orleans is one of the most popular music genres. Local artists draw from the rich history born on these streets many decades ago. The art of improvisation is a driving force in New Orleans Jazz and Doreen Ketchens’ band.

There’s even a dedicated section in the French Quarter known as the Royal Street Performing Arts Zone, where performers grace the city with their gifts. Doreen, aka “Lady Louis,” is easily improvising in this video. She is making the clarinet sing the blues!

Doreen Ketchens

Ketchen’s is no stranger to the spotlight, though. She has performed for U.S. presidents and recorded many albums over the years. New Orleans Jazz is represented in the essence of her performance.

Many celebrities are adored for their fame and fortune, but true talent sometimes goes unnoticed. Capturing the spirit of a city and the musicians that have come before you is unique. Ketchens lets that spirit out through her incredibly soulful clarinet melodies!

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Buskers play \'House of the Rising Sun\' with incredible clarinet solo