BYU Vocal Point & Peter Hollens Turn Miley Cyrus Into Inspiring Acapella

The incredibly talented BYU Vocal Point collaborated with Peter Hollens for an acapella rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” that’ll blow you away with its emotion and power.

This collaboration between acapella superstars BYU Vocal Point and Peter Hollens is an incredible cover of the “The Climb” that captures the essence of Miley Ray Cyrus’ hit while imbuing the track with unique, moving power that only this group of artists can.

The harmony between BYU Vocal Point and Peter Hollens brings together their strong voices into a single, heavenly harmony that compels you to feel the message of this beautiful song.

From the incredible setting featured in the video to the striking voices of each person involved being showcased as a truly flawless acapella harmony, the whole of this performance is pure genius.