Caged for years, a Chihuahua is finally freed and he’s a real character

Unlike responsible dog breeders, the owners of “puppy mills” sacrifice their dogs’ well-being just to squeeze out a little more profit. This involves more than cutting a few corners: dogs are seriously neglected and kept in terrible conditions.

Adam Parascandola, a member of the Humane Society’s rescue team took part in a raid of a puppy mill in Jones County, North Carolina. They found cage after cage of neglected dogs. As Adam said, “You know, we do so many of these puppy mill raids and what we saw here was pretty typical of what we see everywhere, just a complete disregard for their emotional and physical health.”

Outback they saw what looked like a storage shed, but when the took a closer look, there was a horrendous smell. Inside they found more caged dogs. The dogs at least had water, but it was a sickly green color. One cage had a little Chihuahua living inside. The latch was rusted firmly shut, suggesting that the poor dog hadn’t been outside the cage in years! Half his lower jaw was missing and under his fur, he was little more than skin and bones. The vet who examined him gave him the lowest possible body condition rating.

Adam saw something special in this unfortunate Chihuahua. “All of the dogs we get out of these rescue efforts, they want and need attention. But when I got this little guy out, he laid his head on my shoulder. At that moment, I felt responsible for him and I felt responsible for making sure he was never going to have to suffer like that again.” After taking the Chihuahua, now named Billy, into his home, Adam was delighted to see how quickly he began to recover. Despite all he’d gone through, his personality really shined through. As you’ll see in the video posted below, Billy is quite a character!

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