This Calf Believes He Is A Dog! You Won’t Believe His Amazing Story!

Sometimes when you raise unlikely pairs of animals, odd things happen. This is what happened to this absolutely adorable calf, Goliath. Don’t be fooled by his name, this big baby is completely convinced that he is a family dog! He was saved by Shaylee Hubbs from being slaughtered at a dairy farm.  Goliath was born very sick, however the Hubbs family upon finding out his fate, decided to take him back with them to their ranch in Danville, California.

There he was nursed back to recovery, with the vital help from their Great Dane family dog, Leonidas. He cuddled and licked the sick baby calf, his love allowed Goliath to get back on his feet.  Now he lounges, eats and plays all day, just like any other doggie! Watch him eat dog kibble, lounge on the dog’s bed, and even try to nurse from one of his new family’s Great Danes, Leonidas!

The video below is an example of Goliaths friendly behavior, normally he sleeps outside, but on this particular day, Shaylee walked in on the Calf hoarding a cozy spot on the sofa.

Please watch as Goliath enjoys his new forever home and family, we couldn’t be happier for him!

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