They Call These Disabled Dogs ‘Worthless.’ But When I Looked Into His Eyes? Astonishing.

Bonsai was born with caudal regression and sacrocaudal dysgenesis, likely combined with a variation of spina bifida. As a result Bonsai had to have his rear legs amputated. As he began to heal his physical rehabilitation was handled by Friends Of Emma.

While going through the treatment Bonsai met Ransom. Ransom was born with short tendons and was rescued at five weeks old from a trashcan where he had been dumped. Ever since the day that they first met Ransom and bonsai have been the best of friends.

Bonsai is now fully healed and has had no complications since his recovery. While he doesn’t need to spend time in the pool anymore he still enjoys having a nice relaxing swim on a hot day. Watch the interaction between Ransom and Bonsai in the pool.

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