Calm and Curious Bobcat Just Doesn’t Understand Why This House Cat Got so Upset!

Sometimes it’s just too hard to get along with some people. They might be rude, angry, or any number of things that make them impossible to talk to. The bobcat in the video below ran into one fellow feline, who probably left a bad taste in his mouth.

This friendly bobcat was just checking things out at a house in Canada. He walks up to the sliding glass door and peers inside. Nothing more than a little harmless curiosity, which can be expected from a cat of any kind. The domesticated cat that was staying at the house had a few things to say about the matter, though.


At first, indoor kitty’s outrage is subtle, just a low yowl. When the bobcat moves closer, though, her yowl erupts into a shriek. When the bobcat doesn’t seem to get the message right away, indoor kitty starts hissing and spitting.

That’s definitely not the way to welcome a new possible friend. Watch this domesticated cat throw the ultimate hissy fit in the video below.