When He Came Back From The Vacation, His Kitty Couldn’t Contain His Joy. Aww…

There are many people who say that animals never hurt them but humans hurt them again and again. Possibly this is the reason why many people adopt pet animals these days. Because we, the most dominant race on this planet, sometimes undermine the qualities of other races. Humans can learn qualities like friendship and love from their own pets. In the video below you will see how a cat expresses his love towards his human friend.

Cadyn is the name of a kid and Dorian is the name of a cat. They are best friends with an amazing chemistry. Dorian was away from Cadyn for a few days. The cat was badly missing his best friend. His friend was asleep when he found him back. But this does not prevent him from playing with his best friend. So the next time you hear anyone saying cats are not loving do show them this video.

Watch the video to see how the cat greets his best friend after the separation of a few days.

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