They Came Onstage With Fancy Fans. But Their Next Move? I Can’t Believe Myself! WOW!

The event is the 2015 “Stars of Today Meet Stars of Tomorrow” gala. The venue is the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center in Manhattan, New York. The performance is a dance routine called “Jasmine” arranged by the MorningStar Dance Academy of Atlanta, Georgia.

“Jasmine” is based on a traditional Chinese dance and the performers all appear to be Asians. How does it compare to the modern dances that we know so well? You know, the dancing in hip hop music videos, cheerleading competitions, the viral dab dance, and so on.

See for yourself – this is not to be missed! There is a silky smooth quality to it, marvelous, inspiring and relaxing at the same time. The synchronicity of all the dancers was the true highlight of it all. You will go from quietly admiring to being awestruck to literally cheering with all your might!

It would be perfectly normal if that was your response. The Lincoln Center crowd that night definitely agreed with your reaction. Just a year before in 2014, the “Jasmine” dance routine was awarded the winner of the Southeast Regional and ranked in the top 12 nationwide!

There is a valuable lesson in this. Just because something is new does not mean that it’s automatically better than something old and traditional. But who’s the judge of that? We are! Forget about other people’s opinion, we only have to be brave enough to trust our own taste and impression.