He Came On Stage With 6 Dogs. What They Do Next? The Judges Can’t Get Enough!

America’s Got Talent is a crazy good show which gathers a lot of amazing people. Some of them are full of incredible talent, while some of them are there just for fun. We get to see a lot of remarkable acts, and some are actually quite hard to forget. And the following video shows one such performance. This is called the “Olate Dogs Act” and it features a set of 6 dogs executing some impressive tricks.

These adorable pups belong to Richard Olate. Richard grew up in a poor community in South America and to help his family with money matters, he used to do circus acts since the age of 12! 40 years later, this amazing man now performs with his son and their 6 dogs. Their exceptional audition is really going to take your breath away! After watching this, it will come as no surprise that they won the 7th season of the series!

Watch this performance in the video! Those dogs are something else aren’t they? Let us know your thoughts about this video in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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