Silly Camel Thinks He’s A Dog, You’ve Never Seen Anything Like THIS!

There are many animals that try to imitate others. We’ve seen this time and time again. Cats think they are dogs, dogs think they have all the agility of cats. Babies raised by another animal as mom really seems to leave us with the most hilarious outcome of learned behaviors from one to another.

If you watch the actions of this camel, you will certainly give yourself a few laughs. Or maybe the camel is the one who gives the laughs. It seems almost ridiculous in his running; his legs go a little bit everywhere. His legs splayed out as he runs makes you wonder why he’s so excited. What is he running towards? Why is he so excited to be running between the two people who have their arms extended? It’s quite an amazing sight to behold. I’m sure when you see it you will be overcome with laughter and joy. I know it was hard to see after watching this, my eyes were filled with tears from laughing so hard!

He seems to be wagging his tail very like most dogs. He gallops between both humans who are within the enclosure with such grace and ease that it seems like second nature to him. He is so excited when he reaches each of them it’s quite baffling. It’s also very loving and touching. It’s almost like he gets rewards upon each reaching each person. They give him a few pets then off he goes onto the next.

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