Camera Captures A Convict With A Dog Inside His Holding Cell. What Happened Next? WHOA!

Dogs are one of the greatest animals to be friends with. They have lots of love to share and their faithful behavior is truly amazing to witness. But unfortunately, not all dogs get the life they actually deserve. This is especially true when it comes to homeless and abandoned pooches who usually spend their lives on the streets.

The video below is a trailer from a movie called “Dogs On The Inside.” It follows the relationships between abused stray dogs and prison inmates that work together for a second chance at a better life. In an attempt to re-build their confidence and prepare for a new life outside, these prisoners must first learn to handle and care for a group of neglected strays.

Both the prisoners and the dogs benefit greatly from these types of therapy programs, and this movie really showcases the benefits of using dogs to rehabilitate prisoners. The prisoners have to earn the right to spend time with and work with the dogs.

Even in the unlikeliest of places, the beautiful bond that fosters between the prisoners and the strays is beautiful! Dogs don’t judge, and the inmates know it. They can relax and both dog and inmate can benefit from the other’s presence.

These dogs were rescued in more ways than one, and these prisoners are on their way to a better life using the skills they learn from the dogs.

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