A camera catches a nurse doing this to a dying woman while she sleeps…

Many people believe that two of the jobs where you end up helping people the most are doctors and nurses. Everyone knows that doctors hold a special place in society. All societies need doctors, and in today’s world of growing medical problems, the more the merrier. I never wanted to be a doctor, not because I didn’t want to help people, but because I didn’t think I had the stomach for it.

One of my friends did. I remember when we were kids and started thinking what we would like to be when we grew up. That friend said he wanted to be a doctor, I said I wanted to be an administrator and own a business I could make a living from. Another one of my friends said the wanted to be a fireman like his father and the other one had no idea what he wanted. Many years passed, and my friend did become a fireman like his dad, the other one did become a doctor, I managed to build my own business, and my last friend still has no idea what to do.

I always thought that doctors and nurses were among the noblest professions. When I was about 8 years old, I was playing around a fountain. I hadn’t noticed there was a lot of broken glass inside it when I slipped and ended up getting a nasty cut on my hand. I went home running with my brother and my mother took me to the emergency department to get stitches. I ended up getting about 7 stitches and meeting a nurse and doctor for the first time.

When I got to see the doctor, he asked me a lot of questions about how I had gotten injured, examined the stitches and ordered a tetanus shot for me (that I didn’t enjoy either). I was much calmer when I went out of the doctor’s office, but it was because I had talked to the nurse as soon as I had arrived.

That day I found out that being a nurse was one of the least appreciated jobs out there, but one of the most important. After all, what would you rather be, a doctor or a nurse? Their job is crucial to calm down patients and make them feel more comfortable.

The next video shows one nurse doing something I had never seen. While his patient sleeps, this nurse makes his way into the room and after checking that everything was okay, he starts to do something that took me off-guard. I am sure that he’s an angel or has a heart made of gold. You will too after watching this video.