Camera Catches Quadruplet Babies Having Adorable Hug-Fest Before Bedtime

Quadruplets HuggingA proud Mom and dad watched from the kitchen as their adorable little quadruplet daughters played together. Luckily for us, they had the camera rolling to share it with the world and we are also able to enjoy what happens next.

The four little tots delighted their parents with a heart-warming show of genuine affection for each other. This is one of the happiest things you’ll see today.

Quadruplets HugginThe babies gathered in a giggling group and swapped hugs and squeals of delight, continually changing partners until everyone had been doubly hugged by all of the other sisters!

Certified household and child therapist, Eileen Pearlman, speaks regularly on multiple birth siblings. She espouses that there is a reason that sets of twins, triplets and quadruplets generally tend to show a strong psychological bond with each other.

She explains that the bond can be very strong since the relationship actually begins before birth. Together in the mother’s womb for such a long period, there was a necessity to collaborate on limited resources like sharing the same very small area. They became accustomed to getting along with each other right from the start because there was really no other choice.

This co-existence continues after birth, with what can be an unbreakable bond of companionship for a lifetime. Just watch:

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