Camera Crew Is Trying To Record An Interview. But The Horse Behind Him Has Other Ideas HILARIOUS!

The camera man you are about to see knows all about the unexpected wonders of everyday life. Live television is always chuck full of surprises. You are out in the field trying your best to do live stories and all sorts of things can crop out without a moments notice. You are going to absolutely lose it when you see what this guy has to put up with to get the shot.

Cameraman Greg Harriott was working on a film crew for an interview with a horse breeder at a ranch in Santiago, Chile. Moments after the shoot begins  you see him trying his best to stay focused and serious. One of the horses gets really frisky with  Harriott  and he won’t leave him alone!  I am sure that the crew was never expecting to deal with this.

Thankfully someone catches what is happening to Harriot and starts to film him as he keeps trying to film the interview. A crazy but sweet horse is standing behind him, looking well behaved until the camera starts filming him. This horse is really nuts and he soon starts chewing on Harriots ear! The faces that the horse is making while this is going on are priceless.

As Harriot tries to continue with his job the horse seems determined to undermine the whole thing. Watch as the horse tries to take Harriot’s shirt off! It just can’t be explained and it’s as if we aren’t living in a society!

You just have to see this for yourself and leave a comment about what you think. Thank you so much and please be sure to share this gem with your people.