Cameraman captures impossible lynx footage

This incredibly rare footage was captured after cameraman Sam Ellis spent 76 days in the wilderness with a wild lynx.

When cameraman Sam Ellis was tasked by CBC to capture footage of wild Canadian lynx, he never thought he’d develop such a special bond in the process.

Filming for the documentary ‘Wild Canada’, Sam spent 76 days in the Yukon wilderness, trudging through the snow to capture the lynx in their natural habitat.

In addition to his tracking skills, Sam uses devices to locate the big cats. Unfortunately for Sam, we can see him walk straight past a camouflaged lynx as they watch on intrigued!

Over the course of his filming, Sam develops a particularly special bond with one cat called ‘Mad Max’. Max gets so used to Sam that he even sleeps in his company.

Sam suspects Max likes having him around as the noise he makes disturbs the rabbits. Max can be seen even leading Sam, waiting for him to catch up.

Eventually, Sam’s persistence and special bond with Max pays off. After several failed attempts, he finally manages to capture Max stalking and capturing a wild rabbit. A truly rare moment.

Ecstatic with his success, Sam can’t believe his luck, even claiming “this is the best day of my life!” It’s easy to take nature footage for granted, Sam’s dedication is incredible.

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Cameraman captures impossible lynx footage