Cameraman Captures Incredible Footage In The Woods….And No, It’s Not Bigfoot

When positioning his motion-detecting camera towards a lonely tree, this cameraman never knew what he would capture during the next year of life in the forest. And, as we can see, there’s a lot going on that we don’t know about.

This video, endorsed by nature megacorp National Geographic, features a lone camera nestled deep in The National Park of Abruzzo, one of the oldest national parks in Italy. Though this video focuses on only one tree, the resulting menagerie of animals captured on tape is simply incredible.

Over 365 days, the tree was visited by a literal circus of animals including bears, deer, wild boar, wolves, and badgers. Some simply pass by the tree on their way to their next destination, while others stop for a sniff or a rub before moving on.

In this clip, we are treated to a rare glimpse of nature in its most relaxed form without any human presence for miles. It is a beautiful reminder of the creatures we share this world with, and we can’t get enough!