She Was Camping In The Mountains When She Saw A Horse. Now Pay Close Attention To Your Screen!

Horses are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. You have probably seen many videos on the internet revolving around horses. The clip below is one of them. It was filmed at The Pryor Mountains near Billings, Montana/Wyoming border by Sandy Palen, Amber Bushnell. This beautiful place is home to many stunning wild horses.

Palen says that this film is bittersweet to her and that some of the shots are very personal to her heart. Some of the horses in this clip have passed away and some were removed in 2012. She says she is lucky to have been able to go the mountains several times a year and camp with the horses. The music featured in the video is called “Spirit Horse” by Mary Ann Kennedy.

This clip shows the horses over the course of a year roaming free in the mountains. I believe they are American mustangs. They are all colors, including a beautiful blue-grey color that is fairly rare among domesticated horses. Be sure to pay close attention to the lyrics of the song as you watch.

At one point we see babies feeding from their mothers, but the entire video shows just how happy and healthy these animals are to be free. They are actually a valuable part of the ecosystem in this part of the United States, and their numbers are dwindling rapidly due to development.

Watch this beautiful footage below! Did this footage of these gorgeous, untamed animals give you chills? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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